Are you preparing for a trip to Europe? Excellent, you’re going to love it!

The Traveling Sapiens has prepared a euro travel guide jammed with tips for traveling across the Old Continent from bloggers who are guaranteed experts regarding vacationing and traveling.

Observe, it is home to some of the most attractive destinations for adventurers, even during the coronavirus pandemic.

And because it is remarkably diverse and culturally silk-stocking, each country will bring forth a different adventure. That’s what makes it so beautiful, we think.

Whether you’re a budget explorer or not, adventuring solo or with companions, these travel tips for a trip to Europe will help you to draw on this experience fully. Unmistakably, I advise that you read everything our magazine pages provide, yet you’re looking for a precise bit of info.

Before we start, let’s mention just a few words about the topics we covered about the journey tips. Well, you can find a lot about what to do and how to get around in this country.

Also, what is the best time to visit Europe, something about the food you must not fail to remember to eat, and last but not least we provide information about visas, the internet, and much much more.

Some general travel tips about the trip to Europe

Some general travel tips about the trip to Europe

Some destinations are safe, while at others, the woman should be careful. The best tip to travel alone is always to know where you are going.

For example, backpacking Norways alone looks pretty safe, even as a woman. “Especially in summer when the nights are bright.”

In other destinations, you need to be a bit more careful. “You should know the cultures of the destination you are going to visit, to estimate the outfit style and perhaps to arrive before nightfall,” giving the example of Istanbul.

Then again, it might depend on the neighborhoods that you go to: some are undoubtedly more traditional than others. Ask around if you’re not sure!

Being a woman traveling alone usually needs more caution. But it’s far from being an obstruction to your travel dreams.

Make the struggle to get off the ordinary path when traveling!

Indeed, when traveling to a new country, you feel enforced to visit the most tourist place, right? That’s very reasonable: if they’re so touristic, they must be worth it, after all!

But for a more trustworthy experience, “it can be as manageable as exploring a less-visited suburb of a big city like London or Paris to uncover some excellent cafes, hidden bars, or quirky museums.

But getting off the beaten path can also be done right from when you decide which country to travel to. We recommend the Balkans with astonishing natural beauty, intriguing history, and gracious and friendly locals who welcome travelers with open arms. 

Check out their guide to discover more about the region and plan your trip there!

Travel Light & Explore With a Backpack

Going around Europe with only a backpack allows you always to carry only the rigorously needed. Furthermore, you’re never stuck because you have luggage that limits you from doing an activity

If your backpack fits the airline’s requirement, you can even use it as a carry-on and saving money on airfare. You only need to know how to pack everything inside the right way.

Go slowly

Less is more, especially when it comes to traveling. Go at a slow pace, take the time to discover a city, the habits of its inhabitants, the hidden places where the locals only go, before moving on to a new destination.

When you’ve spent a day in a city before traveling to another one, do you think you know it? So be like a tortoise: go slow, experience a city, make some real memories, and discover the ins and outs of a city.

That’s the key to traveling better.

So, when are you traveling to this beautiful continent? Let us know!

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