What is Wellness Travel?

Here at Traveling Sapiens, we have seen the concept of wellness travel change and develop since 2003. Way back then, it was unusual to hear the two words “wellness” and “travel” even used in the very sentence. And, when they were used synchronically, the term was primarily associated with the spa activity. But not so much anymore. Today the primary support of this kind of travel are healthy food alternatives, fitness ventures, and nature. We assume that in a post-Covid19 world, health will be even more at the lead of our travel planning and decision making.

Therefore what is Wellness Travel?

As society ages, health care expenses rise, medical science proceeds to report findings, we become more educated consumers, and the interest in pro-active “self-care” continues to develop.

As a result, we are witnessing the continuous growth and development of this still-evolving area of this kind of travel tourism industry.

The definition of the wellness travel:

Travel allows the explorer to maintain, enhance or jump-start a wholesome lifestyle and support or increase one’s sense of wellbeing.

There are two types of adventurers that dive into this sector of traveling:

The first group consists of today’s savvy, wellbeing-minded travelers. They actively seek out destinations, accommodations, and adventures that will allow them to maintain a routine of fitness, healthy eating, and other hunts associated with wellbeing living.

On the other hand, we have those needing to use travel as a break from daily life to improve their health and wellbeing. Vacation time means – away from daily stress – allows for greater concentration and focus on improving personal health and wellbeing.

That ‘rupture’ from the day-to-day labor – it could be four days or six weeks, the length of time is not overly significant – is, when planned with a unique vigor intention, we call the Wellness Vacation.

The definition of the wellness vacation:

This kind of vacation is wellbeing travel powered by a wellbeing-focused intention. Vacations like these are commonly self-channeled, with the traveler setting their timetable and program. They may, too, incorporate a wellness retreat.

This type of vacation begins with the intentional choice to take action to travel – near or far – for a plan related to one’s state of health and sense of wellbeing.

It can include:
spa procedures and therapeutics, healthy eating and culinary events, fitness ventures, and adventures outdoors (such as walking tours, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, stand-up paddleboarding, and snowshoeing), And educational presentations that provide alternatives to incorporate healthy habits into our everyday lives.

Likewise, it also can include “voluntourism” adventures because “giving back” improves one’s sense of wellbeing and is part of living a eudemonia lifestyle.

Environmental sustainability is also necessary as well-being living and healthy touring incorporates “wellness for the planet.”

At Traveling Sapiens, we accept that whatever the intention and whatever form this “pause” from daily life may take, the vigor vacation can be a seasonal tonic for body, mind, and soul.

With shared lifestyle practices that include eating a balanced diet, drinking green tea, soaking daily in the tub, and keeping active, it’s not surprising that haleness people’s life expectancy is the longest in the world.

Read Traveling Sapiens guides for wellness vacations and you won’t miss the best well-being centers in the world!
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