South America is a vast continent with pleasant beaches, snow-covered mountains, tropical rainforests, and cultural phenomena. It is hard to know where to start.

South America has long fascinated travelers with its surplus of natural and cultural curiosities. It is obvious to see why — pleasant beaches, snow-covered mountains, and tropical rainforests, all of which make a fine backdrop for a memorable holiday.

There is just one catch: this continent is immense. There is simply no way to see it all. So if you have been thinking of exploring, only do not quite know where to begin, we present the top South America destinations:

  • Peru and Bolivia
  • Ecuador
  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Argentina and Chile


South America is an awesome place. It’s hard to accept that on just one landmass, you can probe deep into the Amazon rainforest, Patagonia’s charming icy white peaks, and witness the impressive wildlife of the Galapagos Islands.

With less information widely available, especially for more remote areas, we spent countless hours researching in an attempt to find the best spots to visit. 

We spent seven months backpacking South America, traveling through Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil, which gave us a great insight into what you require to be informed of before you visit.

Here are eleven tips for traveling South America that you may discover more about in articles on our Traveling Sapiens website:

  1. Travel Insurance
  2. Language
  3. Cyclovia
  4. Facebook Groups
  5. Travel Guides
  6. Booking Tours
  7. Go out of season
  8. ATMs
  9. Visas
  10. Wi-Fi
  11. Menu Del Dia


We discovered the best value in Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, still regrettably, not all countries are cheap. 

For example, meals in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile were significantly costly. Therefore eating out regularly will drain your budget. For more genuine value, we advise cooking meals yourself and eating out infrequently in these countries. 

Alternatively, in Brazil, some restaurants offered meals for two at a considerably better value. Suddenly this is one of the easiest ways to save cash!

Discover today more in the topics on South America that our Traveling Sapiens team has prepared for you!