We arranged travel articles related to adventure holidays, including themes such as diving, hiking, and ski holidays.

You can explore our Traveling Sapiens website to filter your results further. You may dive, hike, or go on the ski holiday to New Zealand, Europe, South America, or maybe Ecuador or Australia. You choose what suits your needs best.


Moreover, here are travel articles related to beach holidays and vacations. We are offering tips and inspiration for your next trip.

Read our articles and find out the number of beaches to visit in Indonesia, or maybe in Greece, Spain, Turkey, or the Gold Coast.


Here are our posts on city breaks, and you may also want to visit our main page on City Breaks and Guides. But First, What Is a City Break?

A City Break is usually a trip to a destination, where you only visit for a short time. Many people go on trips like these over the weekend, i.e., Saturday-Sunday, or for a long weekend, including Friday and Monday.

A good time to go on a City Break is by using national holidays close to the weekend, as it allows you to go away for longer without using much or any of your vacation allowance.

Another time people go on a City Break is traveling for an extended period, such as traveling around Asia, where you may only be in a place for a few days before moving on.

We provide you European city guides for Dublin, Luxembourg City, Parise, Rome, Barcelona, Budapest, Berlin, London, etc.

Regarding Asia, we give you city guides for Hanoi, Mya Bay, Angkor Wat, Hoi An, Kuala Lumpur, and Hong Kong.

Here are city break guides on destinations in other destinations. Find out things to do in the city, where to stay, restaurant ideas, and more: City Breaks and Quick guide to visiting Nairobi, Kenya, San Francisco, Sydney, or Cape Breton Island in Canada.


Explore and identify motives to visit most cultural places on Earth such as India, beautiful places there, or maybe the most beautiful places to visit in Mayanmar, Cappadocia in Turkey, Bhutan, or the Golden Triangle in India.

You can observe more in our travel expert articles on Traveling Sapiens website pages. On the top of that, discover travel destinations, tips, photography, or you decide to book your travel or to shop.


A multi-site trip can be a memorable way to travel and allow you to see much more when you travel.

Here you’ll notice our articles on multi-destination trips and routes recommending some of the best places to go and adventures to have.

Some of these suggested routes include touring multiple countries, while some are domestic travel.

Explore the best-guided tours nat itineraries for Africa, South America, New Zealand, South Island, Bolivia travel or how to spend one day in Bologna and much much more.


Are you passionate about a travel experience full of wildlife and cultural highlights?

For adventurers, we prepared articles about beautiful places to visit in Mozambique, Waterfalls worldwide, beautiful places to visit in Ecuador, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, or maybe for some of you short walks in New Zealand much more.


When it comes to road trips, here, you may discover suggestions such as the California coast road trip, the ultimate South Africa road trip, and others.


For snow lovers, Here are articles related to skiing and snowboarding, including tips for booking a ski holiday, where to go skiing, and more.

In addition, you can find information for beginner snowboarders, last-minute ski deals, and the best booking offers.

Furthermore, the cost of ski holidays, types of ski accommodation, the winters at Marmot Basin ski resort, and more.


If you plan your first Safari visit or visit the Nationa Parks in Africa and Tanzania, you are at the right place.

By reading our safari tours trips and advice, learn how to prepare for some safari tours, or find out the ten best must-visit parks and areas.

We hope you’ll be satisfied with the tips and guides our experts have prepared for you. Lean back and enjoy your reading and planning the next trip!
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