What is Post-Vacation Depression?

You’ve just returned from a fantastic vacation but aren’t feeling like yourself. Maybe you’re sad, anxious, or even depressed. You might wonder if it’s normal to feel this way after a vacation and what to do about it. In this article, we will explore post-vacation depression (PVD) and how to cope with it so that you can enjoy your next trip even more!

What is Post-Vacation Depression?

Post-travel depression (PTD), or post-vacation depression, is a form of depression that can occur when people return from vacation. The symptoms of PTD are similar to those of other forms of depression, but they’re generally more intense and last longer than a standard bout with the blues.

The good news is that PTD is treatable by behavioral therapies, and medications are known to help in other forms of clinical depression.

What to Do if You Have Post-Vacation Depression

As you’re probably aware, your body needs time to readjust to normal life when you return from a vacation. Establishing a routine that suits your new schedule is important, but don’t underestimate the value of taking it easy for a few days after getting back in the saddle.

If you feel like you need a break from work or school and don’t want to go back yet, don’t feel guilty about it. Just because you’ve been gone doesn’t mean that everything else should stop moving forward while you catch up. If anything, taking more time off will probably help both yourself and those around you who depend on your services—and there are plenty of people who have just as many needs as before!

It’s also important not to try too hard during this adjustment period. If something seems overwhelming right now (like fitting back into old routines), give yourself some space instead of pushing through until all systems are go again. This could lead only down one path: burnout city!

Remember: being away doesn’t mean forgetting everything else in life outside our daily grinds—it just means knowing when enough is enough sometimes too!

Coping with Post-Vacation Depression

When you return home, it is important to get back into your daily life routine. Avoid making big plans for the first few days after coming home, as this can lead to disappointment if your plan does not go as expected.

Try returning to work as soon as possible so you can start feeling productive again. If this is not an option, try finding a hobby or activity to help you get back into your routine. Make sure that you are taking good care of yourself physically and mentally while doing so.

Tips for Avoiding Post-Vacation Depression

So, keep the above tips in mind as you plan your next vacation. Remember that it is normal to have some sadness after a good vacation. But if you experience more than that—or even if you don’t feel sad but just “blah”—it may be time to consult with a professional.

You can also talk to your doctor or visit a mental health professional. If you need help but don’t know where to start, Mental Health America’s website offers a directory of providers by state.


Post-Vacation Depression is a common syndrome that can be easily treated with a little bit of rest and relaxation. If you’re suffering from post-vacation depression, get in touch with your doctor or mental health professional for help. And check out our other blog posts for more tips!