Festivals & Events travel tips and tricks

Hitting a local festival in a distant country provides a fascinating perception of culture – as well as being unbelievable fun. Traveling Sapiens celebrations travel guide explains what traveling to festival occasions and where the best ones happen.

Think of a festival like an enormous themed party. It’s a spot where thousands of travelers with similar minds get together to value what they cherish most, from classical music and theater to modern art, beverages, and even cinematography.

The exhilarating shared adventure of a festival helps tourists connect to new people, new sights, and new sounds, acquainting them with a place.

Festivals are one of the biggest reasons for touring a destination during the zenith of a season—that’s typically when a town or city is in full blossom, teeming with an overpowering mix of locals, attending performers, art experts, and interested tourists.

Traveling Sapiens has hunted the most engaging gatherings in plenty of countries to build ultimate guides to the world’s best festivals and fairs.

What is a festival?

Festivals are places with everything you need from A to Z for complete absorption in a particular genre or style of interest.

Take Exit festival, an award-winning summer music festival at the Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad, Serbia, with more than 1000 artists playing at over 40 stages and festival zones.

Four days at a time, travelers can involve themselves in various activities, performances, demonstrations, and exhibits related to a theme they love.

Of course, celebrating and having fun is the final purpose, but international festivals also serve as informative functions.

Coordinated by professionals and nicely coordinated periods in advance, a global festival can be a tool for learning about native cuisine and then discovering local music and theater visiting pre-eminent architectural monuments or public parks and gardens.

So toast the season for an unforgettable experience, prepare your journey around a visit to a summer festival.

Summer festivals make the most of maximum daylight hours and warmer temperatures with different open-air attractions, from street performances to outdoor yoga to arts and crafts workshops.

Those who feel like reaching into the creative pulse of a city will discover unusual interests in summer festivals worldwide.

Fancy the colder months?

Our guides to vibrant winter festivals—think flavored wine, festival markets, and figure skating demonstrations—are sure to warm you up. Both music and travel and dance festivals offer a true sense of exploration.

Traveling Sapiens connects you to the world’s most fascinating and unparalleled music festivals, seldom set in mind-blowing locations—like in the mountains of Japan or at a castle in Scotland. But, likewise, for sunseekers, enchanting summer festivals come to light during the season in Europe and the Caribbean.

Handle music festivals like an old wise party veteran, with our hints on what to robe, who you should expect to attend, and which performers are taking the stage in the upcoming year.


Festivals can be relic or ultramodern events, glorifying music or wildlife, the snow and the seasons, traditional sports, and old ethereal ideas.

Part show, part ritual, a partial excuse for a blowout, and a powwow amusement unite communities. For guests, they are a pleasure and captivating window into the life of a country.

At some, you’ll be wordlessly observing from the sidelines. At others, you’ll be dancing in the arteries of the dance arena.

However, at all of them, you’ll be welcomed, illuminated, and involved. So feel free to explore and discover more in our Festivals & Events travel guide section our travel expert prepared.
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