Australia is one of the world’s most advanced and urbanized countries. Although everyone can recognize it for its beautiful strands, lush national parklands, unique wildlife, and pulsing towns, it’s a place deserving to be on anyone’s travel schedule!

If you are one of the fortunate travelers heading to this beautiful country, the Traveling Sapiens provides some useful travel tips to consider before you go.

You, Will, Need A Visa Or An Eta

No matter how long you are organizing to travel, all visitors must obtain a Visa. Many different visas are available, such as work, study, tourism, and permanent residency visas. You will also require a valid passport.

Tourist visas, the most popular type of visa when traveling to this country, can be accomplished online. Electronic visas take only a few days to be processed, but we recommend giving yourself at least one week of cushion time, just in case.

As for the payments, for $20 AUD, the US residents can obtain a visa online that is valid for up to three months. Citizens of the UK and Canada do not need a visa, but they will need to electronically administer and receive an ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization) before they go.

It Is Enormous And Remarkably Different!

Except you plan to spend six months wandering around the country, you will not see it all. It may look small, but looks are misleading.

Picture trying to see the Golden Gate Bridge, New York City, the Grand Canyon, and the beaches of Florida all in one two-week trip to the USA. Yes, these sights are all in one country, but seeing them all in one trip is almost inaccessible unless you plan to spend a long time in the country.

Things To Know About Australia – It Is Tremendous!

Consider this: Australia is the 6th largest country globally, capturing a territory of 7 692 024 sq. km, which is more than the size of ALL European Union countries. Yet, it has one of the most moderate population densities globally, only 3.1 people/km.

Any travel guide would tell you that you need to spend a lot of time in the country or make multiple visits to see all of the most desirable places to attend in Australia.

It Takes Time To Get Around

A flight from East Coast (Brisbane) to the West Coast (Perth) will take you 5 .5 hours. That’s nearly as far as flying coast to coast across the USA. So if you are considering traveling around by car, you’ll want to give yourself the time of a few months minimum.

Keep in mind that most Australians live along the coast, so unless you are exploring it by road tripping along the East Coast, prepare to be en route for days on end without any interesting sites or towns to check out along the way. There are sections with a whole lot of nothingness.

A road trip from Cairns to Brisbane is rationally impossible in less than three days. And even then, it’s hastened. The same goes for road tripping from Brisbane to Sydney.

Travel in Australia demands time!

It will take you over 9 hours to drive from Sydney to Melbourne. If you want to city-hop, flying is an option, although there are better ways to travel sustainably. As for touring with a group, consider leasing a car. Otherwise, trains offer another fantastic choice for traveling here.

If you want to check out off-the-beaten-path towns – give yourself at least a month or two to explore. Then, if you plan with the mindset of more time in fewer places, you’ll enjoy it a lot more!

Traveling may take a while. This is a vast country.

There Are Some Destinations You Should Not Miss

The variety within this land is unique. Some of the most trustworthy places to see are astonishing beaches, enchanting rainforests, metropolitan districts, and fabulous wine regions.

The mixture of the landscapes also makes travel delightful. Henceforth, every kind of adventurer can find many diverse things to do in this stunning country. 

There are several possible ways to spend 2-3 weeks, depending on your travel interests and your ideal holiday desire.

But if you are preparing for your very first trip, there are some destinations that you should not miss:

  • Sydney – Tour the Opera House or come upon the scenes using a boat
  • Melbourne and the gorgeous Great Ocean Road, one of the most immeasurable road tours 
  • Great Barrier Reef – Visit the longest reef in the world for a chance to snorkel or dive with some of its odd residents.
  • Uluru – Encounter a miniature group, sunrise walk all over the base. 
  • Adelaide – Take a ferryboat to scout Kangaroo Island.