Hello and welcome to The Traveling Sapiens. This is a short story about us.

We are a team virtually traveling the world with you, and we will deliver the same filling even when sitting on a cozy sofa with a fav drink and the tones of the fine background chill music.

At the Traveling Sapiens, we all come to work excited every day because we want to make travel a joyful experience again. However, you see, somewhere along the way, service in the travel industry took a wrong turn. Accordingly, our job here is to help you ease your travel planning and vacation.

Today, we’re proud to say that we’ve helped thousands of passengers and secured millions with high-quality travel tips.

Well, it’s not all about us! It’s about you, but it all began somewhat because many of our friends struggled with the same problem, not knowing to get by in foreign countries.

In a hurricane of events and after plans A through Y fell through, we concluded we were being guided to continue our dream of traveling the world. Simply with our friends but throughout the online magazine.

The plan finally feels right! We’re so glad you can follow along with us and witness adventures our bloggers have to offer, from the ordinary to as mad as a hatter, in other words, completely insane!

The Traveling Sapiens team has been traveling the world for eternity. The team focuses on family-friendly, fun, and educational travel while designing rich content for their dedicated population.

Our mission as a travel magazine is to support people of all shapes and sizes to reach outside their comfort zones and realize that travel is achievable and even necessary!

The Traveling Sapiens Magazine is preoccupied with giving traveling tips to people around the globe.

Feel free to contact us with any questions, connect with us we would be pleased to hear from you!